Premium Research Report

  • £499.00

The Premium research report provides the executive summary, where an objective analysis of the project scope, described in the project proposal document, is performed. The executive summary highlights potential attention points and brings forward red flags whenever applicable.

The exact property is researched and the project proposal document is screened and benchmarked against the objective market data. Possible inconsistencies between the project scope and the multiple parameters (current market valuations for sales and rental; economic, demographic & environmental considerations) would be highlighted.

We present to the investors detailed data on the current market offering both for sales and rentals and we summarise multiple sources of data, allowing to cross-check the coherence of valuations among those.

In addition, we run environmental checks allowing to spot early any potential issues related to risks of flooding, landfill and air pollution. Besides, for planning heavy projects we'll provide additional support with Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) pack and initial guidance on searches over the planning portal.

We calculate for commercial units the price per ft² and the annual yield per ft² - not some scrambled average, but a clear split per type of commercial property

Might you wish to run an extended research on an alternative strategy, beyond the initial suggested project scope, and analyse additional types of units (for example, instead of an HMO you could consider developing studios and 1-bed apartments), feel free to reach out for a quote. We will gladly customise further our Premium research report, based on your exact requirements.

You may opt for an urgent execution (within 48 hours) of the Premium research report. Once you place your urgent order, we will get back to you explicitly within the shortest delay to confirm the acceptance of your order and the execution delay. If for some reason the urgent execution is not available, we will inform you about that. In this case we will treat the order as a normal priority and we will refund you the difference.

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